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Psoriasis Pictures

Erythrodermic Psoriasis Pictures

You can find below a few pictures of patients suffering from Erythrodermic Psoriasis.

Pictures of Erythrodermic Psoriasis on the Body

Former bodybuilders reveals his erythrodermic psoriasis all over his torso

Erythrodermic Psoriasis on the Back Photos

Erythrodermic psoriasis spotted at the back of a 37-year-old man

Images of Erythrodermic Sarcoidosis

A very rare erythrodermic sarcoidosis psoriasis is found on a woman’s limbs

Inverse Psoriasis Pictures

Images of Inverse Psoriasis sufferers are show below.

Inverse Psoriasis Under the Arms Pictures

Middle-aged man suffering from inverse psoriasis on his underarms

Photos of Inverse Psoriasis on the Chest

Woman suffering from inverse psoriasis, found below her chest

Pustular Psoriasis Pictures

Pustular Psoriasis in Pregnancy Pictures

Pregnancy women’s condition with pustular psoriasis may affect her baby

Photos of Pustular Psoriasis on the Hands

Both hands of an old man reveal that he’s been suffering from mild pustular psoriasis

Red and white spots on the patients hand indicate she has pustular disease

Pustular Psoriasis on the Feet Photos

Man shows his painful pustular psoriasis on his foot

Both feet of the patient has signs of pustular psoriasis

Pustular Psoriasis on the Scalp Pictures

Teenage girl suffering from pustular disease on her scalp

Psoriatic Arthritis Pictures

X-ray pictures of Psoriatic Arthritis sufferers are show below.

Pictures of Psoriatic Arthritis on the Ankle

Teenager with painful psoratic arthritis on both ankles

Photos of Psoriatic Arthritis on the Hand

Both hands have swollen joints from the arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis on the Feet Images

Psoriatic arthritis causes the patient’s feet to change its formation

Psoriatic Arthritis on the Knee Pictures

Patient with psoriatic arthritis on the knee. Notice the swelling.

Nail Psoriasis Pictures

Found below are several photos of Nail Psoriasis sufferers.

Pictures of Fingernail Psoriasis

Lady’s fingernail shows growth of psoriasis

Young girl’s fingernails are suffering from psoriasis

Toe Nail Psoriasis Photos

Patient’s toenails show progression of psoriasis as it turns yellowish black

Plaque Psoriasis Pictures

Shown below are several pictures of people suffering from Plaque Psoriasis.

Plaque Psoriasis on the Scalp Pictures

Little girl with plaque psoriasis on her scalp and on her ear

Little girl with mild plague on her scalp

Images of Plaque Psoriasis on the Legs

Plaque psoriasis on both legs

Plaque on nearly the entire leg of the patient

Plaque Psoriasis on the Face Photos

Progression of plaque psoriasis on the man’s face

Little girl with plaque psoriasis on her scalp and on her ear

Plaque Psoriasis on the Hands Pictures

Severe plaque psoriasis on woman’s both of the woman’s hands

Plaque found on almost the entire palm of the patient’s hand

Plaque Psoriasis on the Elbow Photos

Man suffering from extremely dry skin on both of his elbows

Man showing one of his elbows with plaque psoriasis

Guttate Psoriasis Pictures

Shown below are several pictures of people suffering from Guttate Psoriasis.

Guttate Psoriasis in Children Photos

10-year old boy with severe Guttate Psoriasis

Baby suffering from Guttate Psoriasis on the pelvis area

Mild Guttate Psoriasis Images

The photo shows red spots on the guy’s hand

Light red spots on the patient’s body

Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis Psoriasis Pictures

Patient with hypomelanosis on the leg

Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis on an African American woman

Guttate Psoriasis Photos on the Legs

Guttate red spots scattered on both legs

Mild Guttate on a teenager’s leg

Pictures of Guttate Psoriasis on the Face

Severe Guttate on a young girl’s cheeks

Mother with Guttate throughout her face

Severe Guttate Psoriasis Images

35-year-old man suffering from painfully severe Guttate Psoriasis on his back